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Conversation Between Dwight Macdonald and alanh
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  1. alanh
    Hi Dwight---What type of switch or switches are u using to turn on the receiver and ignition-are they electronic or mechanical.
  2. alanh
    After u left I made a 5 min. flight and the engine was running poorly so I landed and refueled and took off again. As soon as I got to about 50 ft. the engine died and I was unable to make it back to the runway. I landed on the tall grass and the wing broke in 2 pieces. I removed the engine and its now on Hobbyclassified asking $75.00. I will buy a new DLE or RCGF 15cc and repair the wing. What a life LOL
  3. alanh
    Hi Dwight-How are You? Has there been any progress on finding another flying site? I heard a farm was found that would allow us to fly. Any news on that? Thanks, alan
  4. alanh
    How can I delete my own posts?
  5. alanh
    Hi Dwight-I went to the field at 3:00 and the code for the lock as specified on the web page does not work?????

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