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Any case involving justice, Gov. ruling and politician become a long and tedious saga. On top of that U.P.A. has been campaiging since the beginning of the year in order to stop any new construction on "terres agricoles".Everything is in their grocery basket:housing,shopping center,centres communautaires....

The bottom line is: They are all affraid of a precedent that would open doors to a hole lot of derogations.

Remerber south shore is the garden of Qu?bec and the best land are unfortunatly there.

Yes it's going to be a long fight with dull moments without any action but do we have the choice?

I beleive that our MAAC members in all the club involved will spend the money with discernment

My personel estimate time frame for a final decision: 2 years

Just an opinion...

Andr? Gagnon

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