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I'm back....

My Easy 2 Trainer is now on it's third life. Not bad for a plane that is 5 years old and a heck of a lot of flights.

Yesterday I pulled off the bottom, re-glued the firewall and support. Put back on a new bottom and landing gear, covered it, re-set all the servos. Pulled the engine apart and cleaned it all with a soft toothbrush and some carb cleaner. Removed all the carbon from the piston and head. Everything was ready to go.

Only problem, the wind was a bit gusty today. But I still managed to get in a flight. It took 4 passes at the runway until I felt I was well aligned and the wind was giving me a bit of a break, but I landed the plane nice and easy so she is all ready for another flight.

With the wind like it was though, I decided that second flight will only be some other day.

See you all at the field!


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