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New on the court case today CPTAQ

Hi guys,
Well today was in St. Hyacinthe,for the Court date with the commission for the CPTAQ. It was held in a large room, with a Triangular shape table.
At the the bottom shape of the triangle, was the judge and on her left her assistant and on her right her secretary who took the minutes. Not much writting on his part, as there is microphones that takes on the whole meeting.
On the left side of the triangle was Denis Peloquin, the Past President of the Lafayette Club, then Mr. Luc Bergeron a member and past employee of CPTAQ who knew the in and outs of this organization. Then the club lawyer Mr. Jean Francois Guay, who was I must say really very well verse in our sport.
On the right of the triangle, was the rep from the CPTAQ and Their Lawyer.
The meeting started at 9:45 am and lasted t'ill 12:20pm, with a 10 minute break. So you can see, it was a long debate.
Both sides gave their reasons, ours why we should be there, with many sheets of paper showing past decisions and arguments. The history of the club was also given. What is Aeromodeling, explained in every detail.
I could not believe the amount of work that went into this preparation for this case. Stacks of papers. Each at the table were given copies every time a subject came up concerning a situation. Same for the opposition, Their lawyer was also very well verse and prepared. Arial photos taken a couple of years ago. Both sides went at it with conviction, so for me to say, who wins, their is no way I would know.
A decision will be given in the next 3 months.
I forgot to mention also was Maurice Dugas the existing president of Lafayette, was also at the table. There also were Jean Chevalier and his wife from the Napierreville club as they will be the next ones at the end of November. Also a member from the Sorel club and another member from the Lafayette club.
So this is where this situation is as of now. My thoughts are this. I cannot believe all this time and hours of preparation for this day, happened, just because we fly radio control planes. We harm no one, bother no one, and the land can go back to agriculture anytime. We do not damage the land. Plus the minicule amount of land that we use in all of Quebec is not even worth talking about. These government commissions spending this amount of time and money for to try and end our sport, is unbelievable.
By the way, the owner of the land, also was a witness, and gave a very positive view of our hobby to the court. Income lost gross, if he did harvest it, was about 800 dollars a year for corn. Net he said ,was maybe a couple of hundred. He owns 1800 acres.
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