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Old 2007-06-26
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First Name: Greg
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Help C. P. T. A. Q.

Please be advised that donations to this fund have poured in from across Canada. We need the direct support from all Quebec clubs.

With the exception of several clubs, so far Quebec contributions have been weak. We need your support now to be able to engage the qualified professionals to assure that we save our fields.

Questions have been asked about how much has been donated to the fund by the modelers in Quebec who are directly affected.

MAAC head office have made us aware of this shortcoming. If we could say with certainty that many of them have also contributed, it might encourage further participation by others.

We need your help please.

Steve Woloz
MAAC St-Laurent Zone Director
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Old 2007-06-26
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Past President
First Name: Albert
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I am a bit unhappy with the process regarding CPTAQ.
There has been no information to club members from the people engaged in getting us out of this nasty situation. I would expect that updates should be posted regularly. This will also engage the people here and in other provinces to contribute to the funds.
Also, since the Quebec contributions are falling behind it would be healthy to post the contributions amounts by Zone, all Canada, both by Clubs and individuals. Nothing works better than transparency.

In the Internet nobody knows you are a dog...
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Old 2007-06-26
Eric Marchand
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Something had been nagging at me about the whole process, I wasn't sure what, and Albert put his finger on it.

What's the next step in the process ?

What are the expected expenses, and possible outcomes ?

It's more encouraging to contribute to the fight if you get a play by play.
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Old 2007-06-27
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Yes, I agree that regular updates on what's happening would be helpful.
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Old 2007-06-27
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First Name: Bob
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Not much has happened as all the clubs were waiting for court dates. Right now all those clubs that were served, can still fly. Napierreville is the first club to get a court date. . So little money has been spent by MAAC CPTAQ fund. 500 dollars to date. So not much can be said every week if nothing is going on. We have to wait for these court dates, then we will have more news on what is going on. MAAC will be posting an update soon on their web site. pretty much what I have just written.
Here is what Jean Chevalier wrote to MAAC.
Hi Richard, here is an update as where we are presently standing with the Quebec Greenland Protection (CPTAQ) since we received the visit of their inspector Mr L'Heureux on thursday June 7th 2007 at our field in St Cyprien de Napierville QC to check if we had ceased our operations as requested by them on the "Ordonnance" received on February 7th 2007 with the limit date of June 1st 2007 to stop all operations, after talking with him in the presence of our land owner Mr Real Hebert and also Mr andre Tremblay the Mayor of the Municipality also involved we told him that according to our lawyer Me Jean Francois Guay of St Jean sur le Richelieu we did not stop for the reason that we were waiting to appear in front of the CPTAQ Appeal Tribunal (Tribunal d'Appel du Quebec). Since then we haven't hear anything from them until today when our lawyer Me Guay call me up this afternoon telling me that the date have been set with them for November 30th for which I agreed after contacting the executive of our club.
I would appreciate if yourself, Steve and Bob would mark your calendar for November 30th as we will need all the help possible in order to win this case. BTW Mr Hebert the land owner after talking with him tonight have comfimed his presence with us so Mr Andre Tremblay the Mayor of the Municipalitie involved and also the possibility to have a UPA local director (Union des Producteurs Agricole du Quebec) to be with us which maybe very favorable to our cause if he accept our invitation in a near future. If you need more informations concerning this update please do not hesitate to contact me. Also we have deposit in our Club's bank account the $500. financial help cheque received from MAAC to cover the 2nd payment of our lawyer's fees. If we should lose in front of the Appeal Tribunal we do have the intention to go as far as the Superior Court in order to win as we have to win so the other clubs involved also get their derogations but this will cost more money and then we will need more financial help from MAAC.

Warmest Regards

Jean chevalier Pres,
Club Modeliste Monteregie
St Cyprien de Napierville QC
Tel 450-246-4543

Last edited by bob forest; 2007-06-27 at 09:34 AM.
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Old 2007-06-27
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First Name: André
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Safety First is on a distinguished road

Any case involving justice, Gov. ruling and politician become a long and tedious saga. On top of that U.P.A. has been campaiging since the beginning of the year in order to stop any new construction on "terres agricoles".Everything is in their grocery basket:housing,shopping center,centres communautaires....

The bottom line is: They are all affraid of a precedent that would open doors to a hole lot of derogations.

Remerber south shore is the garden of Qu?bec and the best land are unfortunatly there.

Yes it's going to be a long fight with dull moments without any action but do we have the choice?

I beleive that our MAAC members in all the club involved will spend the money with discernment

My personel estimate time frame for a final decision: 2 years

Just an opinion...

Andr? Gagnon

Last edited by Safety First; 2007-06-27 at 10:27 AM.
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