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Old 2022-10-25
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Loss of Signal Issues

Good afternoon,

Over the last couple weeks, I've experienced 4 instances of loss of signal with 3 different planes (each with a different receiver). The four incidents occurred in exactly the same location each time, i.e. approximately 80-100 feet up and to the west. Just wondering if others have experienced this recently too? I recall there was discussion in the past about this issue but I haven't heard anyone complain about it lately.

I believe there was some speculation from other members about interference from nearby cell towers which might be plausible. Here is the map showing the closest cell towers: https://www.ertyu.org/steven_nikkel/...layers=a&pid=0

My other hypothesis is that the sunshade was partially interfering with the RF signal. In each instance, I was standing such that the sunshade pole was directly in the line between my transmitter and the plane when the signal was lost. I've never heard of a sunshade causing enough interference to lose signal so I'm wondering what others think of this?

Thank you.
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Old 2022-10-27
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I have had loss of signal too. All my planes use Spektrum receivers so I can only comment on weak signal reception for Spektrum receivers.
The problem is with antenna location. On the planes with the AR631 receiver I had to locate the longer antenna to the top outside and to the rear of the plane with the 1" tip of the antenna sticking up and a slight angle to the rear of the plane away from batteries, motor and wireing. The 1" tip is supported with a round tooth pick.
I have found the AR636A and AR636B receivers have better reception than the
AR631 receivers.
On larger planes I removed the receivers mentioned above and installed the AR637T 6 ch and the AR8360T 8 ch receiver and purchased the SPM9747 SRXLC Remote Receiver with a 12" or 24" extension to the rear of the plane. $$$
The further distance and the higher the plane is from the Transmitter the weaker the signal.
Also I have noticed that if I am flying with 2 or more pilots at the same time the interference is greater.
I have also tested flying with a cell phone on me vs kept in the car. Interference is less when kept in a car.
A few members have been with me testing and re-testing antenna location performing the RANGE TEST at 30 meters and not happy with the weak signal results.
I have one plane I did not fly for a few weeks until I was sure it would not have a HOLD (loss of signal) in flight.
Antennas must be kept a min. 3" away from each other and each antenna ( the 1" part at the tip ) must be at a 90 degree angle from each other.
One more point. Spektrum Radios can be programmed to speak and tell you there has been loss of signal.
Do not confuse flying too slow with loss of signal. If the plane should fly too slow the control surfaces loose effect and the result is the plane does not respond to control surface movement. Common with EDF jets, war birds and planes with narrow control surfaces. Speed is your friend.
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