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General Discussion A place to talk about anything R/C or otherwise.

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Old 2012-11-30
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Originally Posted by fbrunet1957 View Post
Je n'aurai pas de chance si ton Beast attaque mon Pou en midair.
I think your Pou is fair game to everyone flying there. Is a demolition Derby and the weak will die!

In the Internet nobody knows you are a dog...
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Old 2012-11-30
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I will keep a low profile
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Old 2021-08-12
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Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Here’s something I've been wondering about Kevin……..I built my first plane in years during this spring and summer. Balsa kit. Everything fine until I got to the sanding part when I developed a major case of sneezing and sore eyes. I then decided sanding was maybe better outdoors plus a mask over mouth and nose. I also covered up the construction on the workbench with a sheet overnight and when not being worked on. As construction progressed and the plane was covered my problem disappeared. I also tried using a vacuum cleaner and putting the nozzle very close to where the sanding was being done….but this is a serious nuisance and takes some of the fun out of it and I’ve no evidence it was successful. It may have been just recycling the dust through the vacuum cleaner.
After a recent “minor mishap” at the field the wing needed some work. Again, no problem until the sanding started. Same result except somewhat worse. After 10 minutes of sanding sneezing starts, eyes run, etc. So I stopped and covered everything with a sheet again. Sneezing etc. disappeared after 24 hours of Kleenex consumption. I guess seeing as its winter I now have to do the sanding outdoors in 10 min bursts!
My wife who was almost as close to the dust as I was experienced zero problems. Looks like I’m allergic to balsa dust altho’ I never had this when I was younger and have never had any other allergies. Am I sensitive to all balsa dust or just the balsa dust on this plane. And why balsa dust when other dust doesn’t bother me at all?
Has anyone else experienced this?
Maybe its your wife that you are allergic to and not the dust LOL
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