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Old 2009-04-13
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Information about joining

I've been to the field a few times to watch and talk with people, attended the 2008 funfly, and just got my MAAC card in the mail so i am thinking about joining and have a few questions.

I have been flying for over a year now in fields, sandpits and parks. I currently have a cx2 heli, a little vapor electric plane, a skyfly electric plane, a SPAD dominator with a .46 and a goldberg electra 2meter sailplane that i just finished and is awaiting its maiden flight. as well as several other used planes and heli's that were donated to me that i plan on getting going when time permits. I also spend some time on my FMS simulator.

my airplane flying is fairly good, i land much more often then crash and can do most typical manouvers. I have a dx6i and the lp5dsm that came with the cx2 that i use as a buddy box and have taugh(or at least let) others to fly, like my 16 year old son for example.

So my questions are, after reading the wimac 10 stage training manual i am wondering how quickly do you think, given the experience, it would take me to be allowed to solo at your field.

Also i understand that if i want my son to fly solo i would have to get him his own(or family) maac and wimac membership but if i just wanted to allow him to buddy box with me is this something that is allowed without either membership this year and if he takes to it i would get the required memberships for next year.

Thanks in advance.

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Old 2009-04-15
Andrew Fernie Andrew Fernie is offline
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The primary criteria for being allowed to fly solo is demonstrated safe flying. One difference flying at WIMAC versus an open field or sandpit is that you are expected to operate from the runway, and this means learning how to deal with crosswinds on takeoff and landing. So, if you are able to reliably control your aircraft in the wind and land it within a constrained area it won't take you long at all to solo with us. If you are more at the stage of just being able to bring it down "somewhere" it is going to take you longer.

Even pilots in training are expected to have club and MAAC memberships, and if you are going to train someone (including buddy box flying) we will want you to be checked out as an instructor first. Getting used to working with the buddy box and learning how to recover the aircraft from unusual attitudes after taking control takes longer than learning how to fly yourself. If you would like one of the instructors to take your son up with a buddy box a few times to see if he enjoys it, no problem, we would be happy to do this, and if it is planned ahead of time we can probably find a nice stable trainer to use that will make the flying easier. If it looks like he does enjoy it and he wants to learn how to fly then you will need to arrange for the memberships.

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