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Old 2009-01-27
bob forest's Avatar
bob forest bob forest is offline
Non-WIMAC Member
First Name: Bob
Last Name: Forest
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bob forest is on a distinguished road
RC Report

RC REPORT is now on line. This was a mag that I use to receive. lots of good reading.
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Old 2009-01-27
beto9's Avatar
beto9 beto9 is offline
Past President
First Name: Albert
Last Name: Providenti
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R/C Report has folded, another victim of the recession.
I received yesterday the March (and last) issue.
It was the last of the independent magazines of our hobby, publishing construction articles from staff and readers alike. They had a format for contributing writers. It was a family enterprise, running on suscriptions and some advertising. Did you ever read a negative comment in the two titans of the hobby magazine field?
Another indication of the strains to our hobby, besides the Chinese manufacturers trying to sell direct (EG Aircraft, Pilot R/C) and previous wholesalers (Highflight R/C) also trying to reach the public.
However, by the number of postings and the variety of new aircraft being built, the heli guys (I didin't say the dark side) seem to be doing OK, thank you! At least somebody is thriving!

In the Internet nobody knows you are a dog...
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Old 2009-01-27
Denis Cloutier
Posts: n/a
The economy is hurting everyone, MRC the Hirobo US distributer is only going at 4 RC Trade Show this year: Toledo, FAI, IRCHA and XFC, the did not go to the AMA event this year.
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Old 2009-01-27
loflyer2001 loflyer2001 is offline
Non-WIMAC Member
First Name: Guy
Last Name: LeBel
MAAC Number: 9383
Join Date: Mar 2008
Posts: 55
loflyer2001 is on a distinguished road
It is not only the economy that is hurting our hobby. Our hobby has changed
from a group of model builders to a group of flyers. Our magazines like
RCM and others all they had to offer were ads and ARF reviews. Soon,
builders of our hobby will no longer be able to buy material to build from
plans, kits are dying out. Kits will be something of the past like tubes to
radios. We do have better flyers today but eventualy I think that boredom
will set in and this hobby as we once knew it will die out. It is no longer
about building, experimenting and flying. For someone to JUMP into this
hobby is not only about spending thousand of dollars in buying a super
ARF with a super engine that will make this hobby/sport prosper. Those
individuals do get discourare pretty fast.
We had more to talk about when we were building.
I might be wrong......Guyl
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Old 2009-01-27
zorba's Avatar
zorba zorba is offline
Non-WIMAC Member
First Name: Bill
Last Name: Collydas
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Join Date: Jun 2007
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zorba is on a distinguished road
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I agree with you Guy.
I think also that kits will be a thing of the past, but materials will still be available.
Don't forget crashes do occur and people will need to re-build.

I am sure that if anyone wishes to build from scratch he can obtain a set of plans from a friend or the net and scratch build.

When I started building my CL-415 about 5 years ago, there were no kits for it.
I got the plans from a guy that worked for Canadair (now Bombardier)
and had the balsa lasercut from a guy in Texas.
Is still in the building stage, cause I got involved with helis, but one day I'll finish it.

An old timer like my self will always find time to build from plans.
Is the new flyers that might struggle cause they prefer ARF's..

just my two cents

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Old 2009-01-28
finnegan's Avatar
finnegan finnegan is offline
Non-WIMAC Member
First Name: Larry
Last Name: Connolly
MAAC Number: 78197
WIMAC WINGS: Solo (Heli + Airplanes)
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 293
finnegan is on a distinguished road
Flying is always more fun when it's something you made.
Or, at least in the case for helis, something that was assembled!

It's still about the flying and camaradery at the field for me.
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