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General Discussion A place to talk about anything R/C or otherwise.

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Old 2020-05-09
Elgreco's Avatar
Elgreco Elgreco is offline
Non-WIMAC Member
First Name: Mario
Last Name: Kalfopoulos
MAAC Number: 77077
WIMAC WINGS: Solo (Heli + Airplanes)
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 662
Elgreco is on a distinguished road
What's new these days ?

Hey guys, long time.

What's happening theses days ?

It's been around 5 years I quit flying (work, kids, activities) basically zero time.

I have been thinking about the hobby a bit lately and I wanted to see what's up with the club these days. (BTW I renewed my MAAC just in case)

Any helicopter flying at all or everyone switched to drones like it used to be the theme back when I was getting out ?

Are people still active ? Weekend gatherings an all ? Airplane pilots still in abundance or it slowed also down ?

I must say, from browsing the last week on the other heli forums, I see a significant drop of activity. I know people still fly but it clearly is not what it used to be .

Anyway, have fun, I'll probably drop by one days if the club is still operational.

Take care all.
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Old 2020-05-10
nitrouspete's Avatar
nitrouspete nitrouspete is offline
Club Member
First Name: Peter
Last Name: Demeter
MAAC Number: 78671
WIMAC WINGS: Instructor Multirotor FPV
Join Date: Mar 2008
Posts: 418
nitrouspete is on a distinguished road

Mario, Nice to here your thinking of flying again.
Helis are collecting dust. Drones and FPV are the IN.
Let me know when you’re wanting to visit.

Peter D.
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Old 2020-05-10
Sempai-mj's Avatar
Sempai-mj Sempai-mj is offline
First Name: Michael
Last Name: Jenkins
MAAC Number: 81213
WIMAC WINGS: Instructor Plane
Join Date: Aug 2009
Posts: 4,177
Sempai-mj is on a distinguished road
Hi Mario,

Here are the Club rules for flying at the field during this pandemic.


Club Rules to minimize COVID-19 risk and give other members an opportunity to fly:
1) Members MUST follow social distancing (2 meter rule) and other Provincial/City rules for public spaces.
2) Members MUST reserve a time in advance on WIMAC’s Field Roll Call thread. Maximum number of pilots at any time: 4 plane pilots; 2 heli/drone pilots (No more than specified number in each category). A parent accompanying a junior counts as one pilot. First reserved, first served.
3) Maximum time reservation for each pilot on any day: 90 minutes – UNLESS maximum time slots have not been reserved for your category (plane or heli) after your time is up.
4) Each pilot must post the following information when reserving on the Field Roll Call thread:
- Category (plane or heli)
- Start and end time (maximum 90 minutes)
- Cell phone number (so next pilot in line can call to make sure you have left or are ready to leave).
5) If you arrive early and maximum number of pilots in your category are still present, wait in the parking lot until your turn and person leaving has returned to their vehicle.
6) No Field visits to observe - must preparing to fly, flying or preparing to leave.
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Old 2020-05-11
Elgreco's Avatar
Elgreco Elgreco is offline
Non-WIMAC Member
First Name: Mario
Last Name: Kalfopoulos
MAAC Number: 77077
WIMAC WINGS: Solo (Heli + Airplanes)
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 662
Elgreco is on a distinguished road
Hey Peter, nice to know you are still there.

I'll be flying this year for sure as I just got a new TX and soon I'll order a new kit so I can remember how to put things together again. lol

I just need to decide what. I only have my old 550 still.
Btw, I got myself meanwhile a mavic mini. Damn isolation. That's what started all again.

I will definitely swing by and see you guys once things start getting a bit more loose. I am not ready yet anyway.

Thanks for the info Mj, no need to worry yet about me, I am not there yet but I definitely would like to see you guys again, once visits are allowed.

See you around guys.
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