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Conversation Between Xavier and Michael O'Bree
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  1. Xavier
    Hi. The covid check is done by the guy at the front desk.
    The nets are only about 10-12ft high so the ceiling is visible. I told everyone to be carefull with it.
  2. Xavier
    Actually a few messages..
  3. Xavier
    Hi Michael

    There is a suspicious post about mariruahna in the general discussion.

  4. Xavier
    My new carbon plane. https://youtu.be/BAoWdaBNfJg
    I'll come again after I am back from the WC then. That could be around March 26.
  5. Michael O'Bree
    Michael O'Bree
    Xavier - sorry I missed it - I won’t be able to make it to WIMAC indoor until 5 March. What was the plane you wanted to show me?
  6. Xavier
    Are you coming to the indoor ? I have my super plane to show you :-)

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