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Conversation Between alanh and Sempai-mj
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  1. alanh
    I forgot my headphones at the field last night--they are on the black guard at the beginning of the taxiway on the right hand side of the runway. Can u pls. put them in your car tomorrow morning-thanks--alan.
  2. alanh
    I was at the field today at 3:45 and the gate was unlocked and nobody was there!
  3. Sempai-mj
    Yes I've heard that about their club, I will check it out soon.
  4. alanh
    Hi Mike- I wanted to fly this week so I went to Cornwall and flew there-Their field is beautiful and there are a bunch of nice guys. Its a great alternative to fly if we ever lose our field. It is exactly 92.5 kms from my door and there is no traffic. It takes 1 hr. to get there. You should give it a try.
  5. Sempai-mj
    High light the text with the Pannel, Hold Shift and slide the panel then Ctrl C to copy,
    Open Reply to the thread and paste, edit the text and post
  6. alanh
    How do u copy the schedule on field roll call-I have an acer laptop with panel-no mouse. I tried CTL and C but no luck.
  7. alanh
    Hi Mike-your suggestion about using a needle to open the jets worked and my lawnmower now works-u saved me $400-thanks
  8. Sempai-mj
    Ok I'll take the card, the funfly is always the Sat of labour day weekend.
  9. alanh
    They asked me to call them and tell them when our fun fly is so they can put that on the air.I can give you the reporters card if you want to call him.
  10. alanh
    Did you see the interview on TV?

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