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Conversation Between Michael O'Bree and alanh
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  1. alanh
    Hi Mike-Can u pls. refund my membership fees-I am leaving the hobby--thanks
  2. Michael O'Bree
    Michael O'Bree
    Got it - thanks.
  3. alanh
    Hi Mike-awhile back I recommended storing the lipos in the BBQ during the winter and that has worked for me but recently I noticed some corrosion on the white balance plug so I dipped the white plug in CLR to dissolve the green chemical and I am now putting all the batteries in a zip lock bag and then in the BBQ. So I thought this may be a way of sealing the batteries against moisture--cheers--Alan.
  4. alanh
    What is the gate code this year?
  5. Michael O'Bree
    Michael O'Bree
    Hi Alan-
    yes I agree there are a minority of members who do the majority of flying.
    And there is potential for more demand than supply of the limited time slots during the pandemic, especially at weekends. That being said, the reservation process is equally available to all members. Everyone has to reserve during the pandemic. A member who wants to fly at a particular time on a particular day just has to reserve early - if weather subsequently turns bad, they can always cancel. I’m not sure I understand why you feel only certain members are able to reserve when they want - perhaps I have missed something.
    BTW I am not sure how you generated your message to me, but it came through as a “visitors message” which is more complicated to notice and respond to. Could you use the normal Private Message feature if you can. Thanks.
  6. alanh
    Hi Mike-Its me again---I see a real problem this year at the field.. The same people are always going to the field at the same time slot and preventing anybody else from going. There are about 90 members who want to fly but I can name about 15 guys who are always going almost every weekend in the same time slots hogging up all the time. This issue will certainly get worse during the summer months when all the other members want to come on the weekend as well. I suggest time limits for each member especially on the weekends. Luckily I can fly during the week but Most members work and can only come on the weekend and they will be blocked out by these same REGULARS.
  7. alanh
    Went to the field today and the code does not work????

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